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One portal for everything: the easy way to enter shipping data in the world of CargoLine

It doesn’t matter whether a CargoLine partner has 300 customers or 30: A system for entering shipping data must do everything that 70 independent partners expect from such a system. It should be easy to use, quick to implement, and save costs right from the outset. AXIT took up the challenge and used the AX4 logistics platform as the foundation to build CargoLine as a portal solution for CargoLine customers to enter their shipping data. Today, the shipment-related IT processes in the diverse customer environments of CargoLine’s partners all run in highly automated, standardized processesto the delight of all users. The AX4 platform manages more than 500,000 shipments each year.

SCM IT solutions that keep key accounts happy

Leaders come out ahead. Anyone capable of integrating a wide range of participants into a perfectly functioning supply chain will generate the interest of customers. With AX4, CargoLine offers its key accounts the option of an end-to-end IT solution to manage not only their own processes but also those of their entire network—such as the processes that link all their pickup and drop-off sites. CargoLine offers all participants access through AX4 to a shared database, making it easier to bring automation and transparency to end-to-end, cross-enterprise processes.


„The cloud solution makes it possible to model new processes quickly. AX4 has also proven successful in the acquisition of new orders.”

Jörn Peter Struck, Managing Director CargoLine

AX4 in use at CargoLine:
  • AX4 in use at Cargoline

    AX4 in use at Cargoline

The Result

  • Since the shipping data input portal went live, many of CargoLine’s AX4 processes have been automated.
  • The system administration overhead has been reduced by two-thirds in the interim.
  • Many CargoLine partners use additional features of AX4 to benefit from standardized processes in other areas as well oras with AX4 Open Toolsto customize their existing IT solutions to their specific needs.

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