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Success Factor Collaboration

How DB Schenker Rail Automotive manages delivery chains

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The supply chain reflects the requirements of different companies, people and ideas. Each one is part of the bigger picture. Each one acts for a common goal: to contribute to a project’s overall success with their performance. In the delivery chain which DB Schenker Rail Automotive has managed for a world-famous automobile manufacturer since 2008 this is the point: Making partners out of people who think and act differently and who live in their own system world. 

How do you succeed in integrating the large number of different system partners and carriers with the global supply chain of a German automobile manufacturer? This is what Christian Herzer, Manager Systems with DB Schenker Rail Automotive, writes about in our series of publications. The AXIT series of publications “Collaboration in Practice” bundles experiences from shippers and logistics providers in cloud-based management of complex supply chain solutions via the logistics platform AX4. Herzer describes his experiences in transport logistics for a large automobile manufacturer who ships vendor parts from factories in Germany and Czech Republic to Kaluga in Russia. 

You will read about how collaboration may lead to an edge in knowledge and smooth processes in the supply chain.