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Transparent Supply Chain Management for large Logistics Centers

Logistics centers are the linchpins in the supply chain. Nonstop masses of goods arrive here, goods that need to be transshipped, bundled, processed and distributed. Sea and inland ports, airports, freight service and package centers as well as large hubs are among the most important transshipment points on the logistical map.

In order for logistics centers and their surrounding traffic infrastructure not to become a bottleneck for incoming and outgoing flows of goods it makes sense to optimize their utilization through a plannable supply control. Information in advance on expected shipment volumes makes it easier to dispatch available resources and to utilize transshipment capacities in the best possible way.

AX4 creates the required connection between transport and logistics center.

In this whitepaper you will read what the challenges in transport management of logistics centers are and how IT helps in mastering them.

Keyvisual hubs

Advantages of a transparent transport management for logistics centers:

 Optimized utilization of the logistics center due to exact incoming planning

Early determination of expected system land higher planning security

Reliable and fast processes even in case of tightly clocked time slots

Status check at the push of a button, reduced researching efforts

Efficient and automated communication between all participants

Avoidance of traffic jams, bottlenecks and waiting times


The three essential areas for the use of IT in transport management for logistics centers:


1. Cross-company Transport Management


2. Time Slot Management


3. Dock and Yard Management