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Streck Transport

A more convenient way to order carrier services: Streck optimizes its transport processes through AX4

No emails, no faxes: Customers booking shipments with Streck Transport simply click to order the services they want, just like with any other online purchase, using the IT platform AX4. The cloud-based IT solution makes it a lot easier to work with Streck, a medium-sized transport group based in Lörrach, Germany. This benefits both customers and the carrier itself, since the platform manages every step of the ordering process.

 „We used AX4 to simplify and standardize both our data interchange and our customer processes. The flexibility of AX4 Open gives us the opportunity to implement short-term, customized solutions based on standardized processes.“

Božo Čičak, Authorized Signatory and Head of ITS (Integrated Services), Streck Group

AX4 in use at Streck
  • AX4 in use at Streck

    AX4 in use at Streck


The Result

  • Management of the global production procurement for a well-known engine manufacturer
  • AX4 functions as the global network control center, linking all the partners and showing all the steps in the supply chain across company lines.
  • Improved and simplified cooperation with customers
  • Less complexity and faster processes due to increased transparency
  • Manufacturers, suppliers, and logistics service providers all have the same view of the shipping process and can coordinate their operations for ideal results.
  • Possibility to check the shipment’s progress at any time


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