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Leder und Schuh

Solid foundation for successful integration of logistics service providers: the AX4 portal solution

To accompany its international expansion, Leder & Schuh needs an SCM solution that simplifies communications and links all service provider partners to the company in a single network. The unique challenge is to find a platform that can integrate a procurement chain consisting of 500 suppliers, 10 logistics service providers, 300 retail sites, and 8 distribution centers across Europe. The aim is to create a network that facilitates the exchange of order data with suppliers, shares shipping and tracking data, generates proactive alerts in the event of any deviations from the normal workflow, and also allows the company to grow without additional logistics costs.
The company decides to go with the logistics IT platform AX4. Leder & Schuh joins with Panalpina World Transport to link a global supply chain through AX4. The cloud-based solution makes it possible to create a network that allows the integration of all partners internationally and optimizes the order and transport processes. Thanks to the “control tower” feature, any deviations in the supply chain can immediately be identified and fixed.

„The logistics IT platform AX4 was a game-changer, allowing us to standardize our communications. Looking back, we can say that we achieved all our objectives.“

Maximilian Kummerer, Director Supply Chain, Leder & Schuh AG

The logistics IT platform AX4 delivers a degree of transpa-rency hitherto unknown: LEDER & SCHUH is now able to moni­tor the flow of goods in real time and to know where the goods are currently located.
On top of that there has been an increase in quality in delivery performance and in the proces­ses.

AX4 in use at Leder und Schuh:

The Result

  • Currently, over 1,800 users in the Leder & Schuh network are working with the AX4 solution.
  • More than 240,000 events, including email process updates and email alerts of deviations, streamline communications.
  • The result is that the shoe company can now supply its retail stores more quickly, break down costs to the article level, and reduce the costs of transports from Asia, where well over half the company’s shoes are manufactured.
  • Leder & Schuh was able to increase the fill level of its containers by more than 15 percent and almost entirely eliminate less-than-container loads.

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