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Hirschmann Automotive turns to Industry Expert AXIT

Hirschmann Automotive is bringing innovation to how it manages procurement logistics at its global production sites. The international automotive supplier, seeking a sustainable solution for driving down its inventory levels and costs for special transports, has already migrated to the new IT platform AX4 for procurement operations at its main production site in Rankweil, Austria. The primary objective is to digitalize the supplier management process.

„Today, we can plan inbound shipment volumes and arrival times with precision, since all the transport-
related information and documentation is just a mouse-click away and supplier communications are managed through a centralized IT platform. “

Peter Spalt, Director Logistics, Hirschmann Automotive

Some two hundred suppliers and two carriers, who until now have used email and phone calls to share information along the supply chain, were integrated a few weeks ago into an automated procurement management process using the logistics platform AX4. The standardized digital communication is designed to ensure smooth collaboration between all parties and transparent, reliable procurement
management for the plant – from when an order is first placed until the supplies arrive at the plant in Rankweil.


The Result

  • Digital transit timetables integrated into the AX4 platform make it possible to determine when the carrier should pick up the consignment from a supplier.
  • Suppliers can also use AX4 to print out standardized goods receipt labels based on Hirschmann’s custom specifications. This accelerates processing times when the goods arrive at the plant.
  • Hirschmann Automotive plans to roll out the AX4 solution in Rankweil to its sites in the Czech Republic, Romania, Morocco, China, and Mexico.


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