Ford - AXIT - AX4 die Logistikplattform


Procurement of Spare Parts via AX4:  The Engine for the complete inbound Supply Chain

Out of their three spare parts centers in Köln-Merkenich (D), Daven­try (GB) and Valencia (E) Ford supplies to more than 3,300 dealers in over 100 markets. With 230,000 parts in the European spare parts program and 1,600 active suppliers globally this calls for a precise co­ordination in procurement. Ford´s customers should receive urgently needed spare parts as quickly as possible and not have to wait long for repair or exchange. This is where the IT platform AX4 becomes the engine for an automated logistical process of spare parts from the supplier to one of the central spare parts warehouses in Europe. The SCM solution makes the internal delivery chain transparent for all those involved and makes procurement of spare parts safe and predictable at every point in the supply chain.

„A transparent and smoothly functioning delive­ry chain is indispensable in spare parts logistics. The cloud-based logistics platform AX4 allows us to continuously optimize the procurement of spare parts and to easily integrate all necessary partners.“

Reiner Boltersdorf, Supervisor European Inbound Operations (FCSD), Ford-Werke GmbH

AX4 in use at Ford:
  • AX4 in use at Ford

    AX4 in use at Ford

The Result

  • Ford of Europe has received over 162,000 spare parts shipments via AX4 in 2012.
  • The Ford network included 1.200 users in AX4. More than 162,000 email notifications were sent by AX4 along the entire process in 2012.
  • Delivery times have been reduced.
  • Contract packagers and Ford parts warehouses have the chance to better plan and prepare inco­ming goods.

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