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Cultivating profits: DSV uses AX4 to consolidate European shipping operations

Deutsche Saatveredelung AG (DSV) has greatly streamlined its shipping operations with the help of a new IT solution. Before, orders were assigned one by one to specific carriers. Now, shipping data is automatically transmitted to the various transport service providers through the centralized interface of the AX4 logistics platform. DSV’s carriers also benefit from the solution, since they can receive the shipping data automatically without the need to re-enter it manually. DSV also uses AX4 to print the necessary barcode labels needed by the logistics service providers for expedited handling and apply them to the shipments.

„Before, we had to process all our orders manually and pass them along one by one to specific carriers. Now, the shipping data goes from our ERP system through the AX4 logistics platform directly into the transport software of our service providers. This saves a tremendous amount of administrative overhead and reduces potential sources of errors in the data we transmit.”

Dirk Schauerte, Manager Logistics and Projects, Deutsche Saatveredelung AG

Also DSV‘s forwarders profit from the solution, as they can directly import shipping data without any further effort for data entry. It is also via AX4 that DSV prints the required barcode labels which are needed by the logistics providers for facilitated handling and attaches them to the shipments.

The Result

  • Within only two months DSV and AXIT AG have established a central, cloud-based solution for exchange of shipment and tracking data for the seeds breeder
  • By automating shipping processes through the logistics platform both internal and external processes with service providers at various locations could be optimized
  • DSV plans to eventually extend the system to other areas of its business. The aim is to process 30,000 shipments a year through the platform


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