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4PL Central Station

4PL Central Station & Sun Chemical

Transport management via AX4 is the SCM solution with more design options and transparency

The 4PL Central Station Group worked with AXIT to configure a web-based SCM solution for the transport management of Sun Chemical, the leading global manufacturer of printing inks and pigments. The goal is to ensure complete control of the various activities throughout the value chain.
The transport management system (TMS) relies on the logistics IT platform AX4 to centrally manage some 220,000 shipments a year, connecting some 38 facilities in a supply chain now spanning ten countries. The system gives Sun Chemical and the 4PL provider the utmost transparency and end-to-end control of the entire value chain.

„The better the value chain is organized, the more competitive a company is. As a 4PL service provider, we place great value in being able to manage the flexible, cross-enterprise integration of our customers and transport partners into the supply chain at any time.”

Alexander Bauer, Chairman 4PL Central Station Group, Basel


4PL Central Station and the logistics platform AX4:
  • AX4 in use at 4PL Central Station

    AX4 in use at 4PL Central Station


The Result

  • 220,000 yearly deliveries can be handled at a mouse-click from anywhere in the world through a single IT platform.
  • 38 locations in meanwhile ten countries are linked to the supply chain.

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