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  Standardization - No one knows the processes betterNo one knows the processes better.

AX4 reduces complexity with standardization of logistics processes: from the order all the way to the delivery. With the experience and know-how from over 2500 SCM-IT projects AXIT Best Practices have built different requirements. These are solutions for forwarders regarding their control of their distribution and procurement processes with shippers and suppliers as well as suggestions for logistics service providers for the collective shipment management and supply chain management with their customers.

The Best Practices ensure a smooth cooperation in company branching networks and therefore a stable, reliable supply.

Your Advantages

  • Fast realization based on tested process suggestions
  • Efficient flow
  • Stable and reliable supply
  • Reduced complexity
  • Reduced management effort

Your Potential Savings

  • Less administration costs
  • Less transport costs
  • Better container usage
  • Less freight costs
  • Less personnel expenses
  • Fewer mistakes

Our Practical Examples

  • Implementation of a project for a shipper to the standardized shipment management with 40 forwarders within 2 months.
  • Reduction of administration costs regarding the control of the delivery chain between -30% and -60%.
  • Reduction of administration costs for each shipment for a logistics service provider of -0,50€/shipment.
  • Increase of the container filler degree based on an interlocking process and more transparence: + 15%.





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