AX4 mobile - AXIT - AX4 die Logistikplattform

AX4 mobile – The mobile Access to AX4

The app “AX4 mobile” completes the logistics platform AX4 by different mobile functions. Used for the managing of supply chains it reaches via smartphone and tablet into the operative area of local shipment management. At the same time, AX4 mobile is designed in a way so that functions can be individually configured for each customer. What is unique: Thanks to most modern technology updates of the app functions can be done at a click by the customer himself and are available immediately for all participants.

One app – many options

No matter if results from quality checks have to be entered directly on-site and not just in the office, approval for a special transport has to be obtained from a manager or a driver has to submit status information on the go: With the app AX4 mobile process participants along the entire supply chain can be easily and quickly integrated – even without AX4 login. The app offers features which are typical for mobile devices and thus opens up for new possibilities in the usage of AX4.

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“Each customer can determine what functions or processes they want mobile access to.”

Uwe Schumacher, VP Business Development, AXIT GmbH



The app is available for mobile devices based on iOS and Android.