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Connecting logistics – the new IT-Generation for Logistics

Solutions for Supply Chain Management

With the logistics platform AX4 shippers and logistics service providers manage their supply chains with the push of a button. AX4 supports the collaboration between the different particpants. It provides a smooth collaboration, a constant transparency and a reduced complexity.

AXIT stands for a new IT-Generation in the Logistic Industry

Supply Chain Management

In the logistic world modern IT-Solutions are a competitive instrument that can help the one properly using it achieving a market advantage. AX4 and AX4 Open allow logistics experts to implement the process knowledge and connected improvements with flexible tools into the IT-Processes themselves: at your desk, in a meeting with colleagues.

 The true competitive advantage is created by connecting the company-specific knowledge and its easy realization in the IT-Logic.

Modern IT has to be able to realize this. It shows the wanted process objective as a standard and doesn't force the same standard on other companies that might then have to be modfied with expensive budgets.

Flexible Standards

In a logitics world that is constantly changing and evolving there is no standard process that lasts long. Processes change and IT has to be so flexible and adaptable to allow these changes: fast and with slim budgets.

Common IT solutions from AXIT and Siemens (SPPAL)

A particular innovation potential exists in the combination of main expertise points, i.e. logistics processes in and around transshipment centers that are equipped by SPPAL as well as movements, such as transports, that are managed by AX4. This means for the customers: vertical solutions (such as Dock and Yard Management from SPPAL) and comprehensive horizontal IT solutions (from AXIT) are optimally tuned to each other, jointly developed further and consequently offered as an integrated logical system.

Dock & Yard Mangement

AX4 Module Box

The AX4 module tool kit offers a base for configurating solutions easily for customers. For this, the flexible modules can be combined with each other and assigned to the matching AX4 customer solution.

Construction Site Logistics
Logistic Centers

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