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Companies increasingly require that IT takes a driving role in logistics in order to push innovative and successful solutions. For AXIT this means to involve oneself actively into discussions to present trends and challenges as well as to provide solution suggestions and proposals.

Here you can find our experts' articles concerning strategic subjects in IT and logistics.

Cover Paper Hubs EN


Expert Paper - Transport Management or Logistics Hubs

How exactly is information on the movements of physical goods exchanged through a centralized digital hub? What is it like when those involved in a particular process meet on a cloud-based platform? When the processes of checking into and out of a logistics hub are automated? Our expert paper answers all these questions in detail, describing where the growing challenges for logistics hubs lie and how they can be overcome with the help of state-of-the-art IT solutions.

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Cover 10 Thesen EN

10 Reals World Arguments - The Digital Supply Chain

The ongoing trend of digitalization will launch the logistics industry to new heights of innovation. Greater availability and quality of data lays the foundation for better integration of transport service providers. That’s the finding of leading logistics managers in the position paper „10 Real World Arguments - The digital Supply Chain“.

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Cover Paper Daten DE

Expert Paper: Data

How can we enhance on-time performance in the digital supply chain? How can better data help us use our capacities more efficiently? How can we eliminate waste? What hurdles should we expect when it comes to the quality of our data? - And we got answers: Our new expert paper examines specific everyday examples to show how data can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how it is used.

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Expert Paper Security in the Cloud

To dispel any feelings of uncertainty and help you develop your own cloud strategy, this expert paper gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the AX4 logistics platform. The focus is on technical, organizational, security, and privacy issues – followed up by answers to frequently asked questions.

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Logistics40 Cover EN

Expert Paper Logistics 4.0

What demands does this place on logistics? How autonomously can processes be managed? Our new expert paper looks at the challenges that confront today’s logistics industry, what will change as a result of Industry 4.0, and how businesses can use “Logistics 4.0” solutions to prepare themselves for whatever the future holds in store.

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AXIT Expert Paper Digitalization

Expert Paper Digitalization in Logistics

In our new expert paper “Digitalization in Logistics” we compiled tangible application examples from everyday logistics, describing the practical use of digitalization.

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Cover Cloudstudie 2016 DE

Cloud Study 2016

What is it that makes companies use cloud solutions? And what is the application focus of cloud technology in logistics? The current AXIT study on the use of this modern IT solution makes the trends and relations of cloud computing clear. 

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Book Chemielogistik EN

Expert Paper Chemical Logistics

Here you find out what the chemical industry can gain by digitalizing complex information and management processes in logistics by using modern IT solutions.

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Whitepaper Automotive Collaboration EN angle 250

Automotive Collaboration

Particularly with regard to the processes in automotive procurement collaboration plays an increasingly important role. In this whitepaper you will read what collaboration means for the automotive industry and what concrete advantages it brings for the participants.

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Integration Cover e

Guideline Integration

Read in this guideline what modern integration is supposed to perform in order to create the basis for successful, cross-company cooperation in supply chains. Furthermore, practical examples like the one of an industrial company which controls its Europe-wide distribution with 150 forwarders, show approaches for quick and flexible integration or participants.

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Collaboration in Practice DB Schenker Rail

Success Faktor Collaboration 2

"The supply chain is a collective." Read about how collaboration may lead to an edge in knowledge and smooth processes in the supply chain.  A specialist article of our customer DB Schenker Rail: 

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Collaboration in Practice Leder und Schuh

Success Faktor Collaboration 1

How Leder & Schuh AG sets Trends across Europe. A specialist article of our customer Leder und Schuh about:  "Collaboration in practice".

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Cover Logistikzentren e

Whitepaper "Transparent Delivery Chain Management for large Logistics Centers"

Optimal integration of hubs and logistics centers through modern IT. In this whitepaper you will read what the challenges in transport management of logistics centers are and how IT helps in mastering them.

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Grossbaustellen Cover EN

Whitepaper "Construction Site Logistics"

Our paper shows logistics manager for construction sites how the right kind of IT supports in transparently managing supply processes for construction sites and in reducing cost.

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Strategy Paper Modern IT

Strategy Paper "Modern IT"

Modern IT companies actively enter discussions on process creation with solution suggestions. Decision makers and users expect IT to take up a driver role in order to be able to develop and implement logistical innovations.  

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Cover 01 e

Strategy Paper "Collaboration"

Collaboration is seen as a key to reducing complexity in logistics. With a current strategy paper AXIT deals with the question of what does collaboration mean in practice for the cooperation between companies.

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2014 5 15 Strategy paper Standardization 350

Strategy Paper "Standardization by Modularization"

Together with Prof. Delfmann from the University of Cologne we have made a critical study about “Standardization through IT – by preservation of flexibility at the same time”. 

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Best Practices

The best practices recommended by AXIT are quick and easy to use, are in use by over 150,000 users and they address the typical challenges in operative management of logistical networks with many stakeholders.  

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Logistics filmed smartly

Pen and paper – it does not take more than this to show the ambitious challenges which companies today have to face in controlling their global delivery chains. And even the solution is quite simple. But take a look yourself ...

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Makes complex logistical processes comprehensible- the AXIT Poster

The way logistics takes has been drawn by the illustrator Andi Wolff for AXIT AG. With a quick stroke he has put to paper those stations which shipments follow in the procurement and distribution process of a supply chain.  

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Green Paper e


The "Green Paper"

Learn in our “Green Paper” how the use of cloud-based IT solutions can not only save resources, but also cost: Ecology and economy are no opposites in logistics.

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Whitepaper260 e


Strategy Paper: Trends in Logistics

"Logistics Trends and their Relevance for IT" - The strategy paper is meant as a description for logistics managers how they can successfully solve current and future challenges in supply chain management with innovative IT through the use of the logistics platform AX4.

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Xperience Booklet


Xperience Booklet

Get current cloud expert knowledge to your premises  and order the Xperience Booklet without obligation and free of charge. Just fill in our contact form and we will promptly send you your copy by E-Mail.

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CLOUD Guideline


AXIT Guideline C.L.O.U.D.

5 steps for your cloud project..

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cloudStudie enAXIT Cloud Study

What are the cloud’s advantages? How secure is this technology? Which cloud solution is best suited for my company? 

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