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Digitalization thanks to Cloud Computing

Cloud als Enabler für Digitalisierung in der LogistikDigitalization thanks to Cloud ComputingDigitalization, also called the fourth industrial revolution, is rapidly developing. Especially for logistics this results in new opportunities, e.g. for managing networked processes and also for creating completely new business models.  

However, many companies still see the topic of digitalization as hardly tangible and vague. This results in the question, what does digitalization mean for my company – in practical terms? With various documents and examples we would like to acquaint you with the topic of digitalization and make clear which opportunities result from it for your companies. Therefore, this paper is part of our information series on digitalization in logistics. 

Our document “Cloud Solutions as Enabler of Digitalization in Logistics” gives you a short overview on the role of cloud computing for the digitalization and gives practical impulses on how cloud-based solutions are already driving digitalization in logistics today.

Cloud as Enabler for Digitalization in Logistics