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AX4 Academy

The AX4 Academy contains the Training Offer for our customers. Here AXIT experts train the AX4 Open users. Companies learn to manage AX4 solutions regarding the management of a supply chain themselves with the help of the tool-kit AX4. The “Certification Roadmap” of the AX4 Academy contains the basic training as well as the extension possibilities to gain more knowledge about AX4 Open, independent from the AX4 Open range. Certificates certify the successful training.


CertificationRoadmap 1600 Template


 Foundation Trainings

The Foundation-Training is the ideal introduction to the solution spectrum of AX4 Open. It offers a glance into the important basic functions e.g. the partner management. The Foundation-Training is the basis for further training

Certificate: AX4 Open Foundation 110


Here you learn to use our Report-Tool on your own: you generate reports and receive information about the usage of the User-Interfaces. Condition is the Foundation-Training.

Certificate: AXCR (AXIT Certified Reporter)

 Administrator Trainings

In this training you will learn to apply changes to existing AX4 solutions. With this you can implement new requirements fast and directly. Condition here for the Administrator Training is the Foundation training.

Qualification: AXCA (AXIT Certified Administrator)

Designer Trainings

In this AX4 Designer Training you learn to plan and directly implement own solutions into AX4 Open. Condition for the Designer Training is the Foundation-Training and an Administrator training and the Customization-Training.

Qualification: AXCA (AXIT Certified Designer)


In the Engineer training solution branching AX4 Knowhow is taught and you are prepared for the AXCE qualification. Condition for the Engineer training is the Administrator and Designer training.

Qualification: AXCE (AXIT Certified Engineer)