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No one offers their customers more freedom of designNo one offers their customers  as much freedom of design.

Flexibility, speed and innovation are the main requirements for modern IT solutions. Companies don’t want and can no longer afford expensive, long and complex IT projects if they want to stay competitive in the dynamic market. With  AX4 Open AXIT gives the companies a tool-kit, so they can design their company branching IT solutions for the management of a supply chain flexibly themselves.

Your Advantages

  • Flexibility and Agility
  • Scalability and Replicability
  • Easy administration
  • Independence from the software manufacturers

Your Potential Savings

  • Less IT project costs
  • Less costs for the IT maintenance and updates
  • Less costs for meetings, agreements and IT requirements specifications
  • Less IT costs and risks through fast and save IT projects

Our Practical Examples

  • The IT department of a logistics service provider could implement a distribution project for a customer within 2 days, because an already existing solution was reused. In earlier projects similar solutions without AX4 needed ca. 6 months of implementation.
  • A logistics service provider implemented the requirements of his customer’s shipment creation directly in the meeting by configuring the solution based on the requirements.





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