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Expert Paper: Security in the Cloud

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A look behind the scenes of the AX4 logistics platform


Thinking it through, or going with your gut?

Some businesses still see reasons to view the cloud with skepticism. Also the study “The Importance of Cloud Computing for the Digitalization in Logistics” shows that the fear of inadequate data security, cited by 79% of respondents, is still the biggest obstacle to the deployment of cloud solutions.

That’s why businesses cut no corners when it comes to selecting a cloud provider: Security is the number-one factor. To make the short list, providers must offer a security concept with provisions for both data privacy and data security. User-oriented companies with a cloud strategy in place have the highest standards here.

And so gut feelings likely still play a big role in decisions when it comes to concerns about data security. That’s because the majority of those still lacking a cloud strategy harbor such concerns.

Large enterprises in particular often remain reluctant to use a system they cannot control.

To dispel any feelings of uncertainty and help you develop your own cloud strategy, this expert paper gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the AX4 logistics platform. The focus is on technical, organizational, security, and privacy issues – followed up by answers to frequently asked questions.