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Data: Blessing or Curse?

Benefits and pitfalls of leveraging data in the supply chain


Enthusiasm for the opportunities of digitalization is nothing new in the logistics industry. But it’s not easy to find a consensus on what digitalization means and what opportunities it presents. At the heart of this digital revolution is the enormous data potential made available through new forms of integration. How can this data help us manage the logistical processes of tomorrow? And how can it be best used to achieve a new level of quality in logistics?

We explored these questions during a roundtable discussion with customers from the manufacturing, commercial, and logistics sectors. Our questions were very specific: How can we enhance on-time performance in the digital supply chain? How can better data help us use our capacities more efficiently? How can we eliminate waste? What hurdles should we expect when it comes to the quality of our data?

And we got answers: Our new expert paper examines specific everyday examples to show how data can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how it is used.