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The 10 Opportunities of Digitalization

Managing Supply Chain Risks: The Role of Digitalization and Cloud Technology

“There is a lot of risk in supply chain. And managing effectively is the key to making sure that things run as smoothly as you possibly can.” This statement was given by Phil Lavin, Development Consultant IT at Siemens Postal Parcel & Airport Logistics in an interview with Adrian Gonzales on talking logistics.

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Are your processes already well digitalized?


You can get a first assessment on the digital maturity degree of your supply chain by answering a few questions in our Quick-Check – 5 minutes well invested.


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From Trend to Reality: A Roadmap for Digital Supply Chain Benefits

In an interview with Adrian Gonzalez from talking logistics, Frauke Heistermann points out what’s new on this digital transformation of supply chains and which challenges come along with that. 


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The Digital Supply Chain - Expertise for all things digital in logistics:

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Opportunities and challenges for logistics in the age of digitalization

What does digitalization mean for my company’s logistics?

What steps must my company take as this digital transformation unfolds?

Logistics – as a cross-enterprise, worldwide industry – plays an especially crucial role in the digital transformation. Logistics professionals from the manufacturing, retail, and service sectors must acknowledge this and face new challenges. But the digital transformation also beckons with opportunities for innovation – to control interconnected processes or tap into new business models, for example.

For many, the subject of digitalization remains elusive and difficult to define. So it’s not surprising that many businesses cannot clearly see or measure the potential that a digital supply chain unlocks.

Digitalization can be implemented gradually, but you still need to actually take the necessary steps: Those who cling to the status quo and resist change will be left behind even faster in the digital age than they would’ve been in earlier times. The perfect time to start the process of digitalization is now!

AXIT – with its AX4 logistics platform and cloud-based supply chain management solutions – has devoted itself to promoting state-of-the-art IT in logistics for many years now. AXIT’s customers in manufacturing, retail, and logistics rely on our experience and expertise when it comes to cloud technology, integration, and web-based workflows. We want to share this expertise with you. We invite you to begin your journey into the digital age with us at your side.


  • Expert Paper Digitalization in Logistics

    Expert Paper Digitalization in Logistics

    In our expert paper “Digitalization in Logistics” we compiled tangible application examples from everyday logistics, describing the practical use of digitalization.


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  • Expert Paper Data

    Expert Paper Data

    How can we enhance on-time performance in the digital supply chain? How can better data help us use our capacities more efficiently? How can we eliminate waste? What hurdles should we expect when it comes to the quality of our data? - And we got answers: Our expert paper examines specific everyday examples to show how data can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how it is used.

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  • 10 Real World Arguments - The Digital Supply Chain

    10 Real World Arguments - The Digital Supply Chain

    The ongoing trend of digitalization will launch the logistics industry to new heights of innovation. Greater availability and quality of data lays the foundation for better integration of transport service providers. That’s the finding of leading logistics managers in the position paper „10 Real World Arguments - The digital Supply Chain“.

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  • Expert Paper Logistics 4.0

    Expert Paper Logistics 4.0

    What demands does this place on logistics? How autonomously can processes be managed? Our expert paper looks at the challenges that confront today’s logistics industry, what will change as a result of Industry 4.0, and how businesses can use “Logistics 4.0” solutions to prepare themselves for whatever the future holds in store.

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  • Digitalization thanks to Cloud Computing

    Digitalization thanks to Cloud Computing

    Our document “Cloud Solutions as Enabler of Digitalization in Logistics” gives you a short overview on the role of cloud computing for the digitalization and gives practical impulses on how cloud-based solutions are already driving digitalization in logistics today.


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  • WEBINAR - Supply Chain Digitalization

    WEBINAR - Supply Chain Digitalization

    Challenges, Opportunities and Recommendations at a glance.  Frauke Heistermann answers central questions on digitalization in logistics.  


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  • Cloud Study 2016

    Cloud Study 2016

    What is it that makes companies use cloud solutions? And what is the application focus of cloud technology in logistics? The AXIT study on the use of this modern IT solution makes the trends and relations of cloud computing clear. 


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