Collaboration 1 - AXIT - AX4 die Logistikplattform

Success Factor Collaboration

How Leder & Schuh AG sets Trends across Europe 

CollPraxis cover ENIn Asia collaboration means working with a partner. This tells us much about the understanding how we encounter our suppliers and logistics providers. They are part of a process which ensures that fashion arrives in time and is available for our customers in a timely manner. In order for this to succeed in the rapid change of shoe collections at approx. 350 locations, across five brand environments it takes a connecting element in the triangle of supplier, logistics provider and the logistics department itself: IT. 

The special part about a solution as AX4 makes possible for us lies in being able to give space to the trusting cooperation in our logistics network. IT, for us it is not only the engine and initiator of logistical processes but at the same time it is the forerunner of a highly efficient form of collaboration in cross-company processes. Through AX4 we can pull all the strings of our supply network, keep it transparent and thus integrate further network hubs and partners with our supply chain at any time. 

 In order to make tangible how successful collaboration works, we have asked our customer Leder und Schuh to describe their AX4 solution with regard to collaboration aspects. Maximilian Kummerer is Head of Supply Chain Management and responsible for the AX4 solution at Leder und Schuh. In this specialist article he describes his experiences and approach.