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No one offers an easier access to a wide network.No one offers an easier  access to a wide network.

AX4 links all participants which work together in a supply chain over a central solution together. Consistent workflows replace the encapsulated work of singular people with a common platform. There, the process participants share important information regarding the shipment history with each other. That way AX4 creates a community of encapsulated people along the supply chain and sums up the network of a customer in a central solution.

Your Advantages

  • More security and reliability in the supply chain
  • Right choices based on central and immediately accessible information
  • Faster reaction to change
  • Better recognition of improvement possibilities
  • Promoting the innovation through cooperative and unobstructed collaboration

Your Potential Savings

  • Fewer costs for complexity
  • Reduction of carrying costs and transportation costs through collective realization of synergies
  • Cost saving and higher marge through more efficient economic activity

Our Practical Examples

  • Concerning the procurement projects a new supplier was integrated in the existing AX4-Network of the customer within 5 minutes
  • Time delay in the information exchange between a Chinese sender and a German recipient: 0 minutes
  • Depicted networks of a machine producer: 1.100 Users
  • Depicted spare parts network of an automobile producer: 750 Users
  • Depicted customer network of a logistics service provider: 8100 Users





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