Cloud Study 2016 - AXIT - AX4 die Logistikplattform

The Results of the new AXIT Study

This is how Cloud Computing is being used in logistics today and in the future

Cloud Logistics Planning

What is it that makes companies use cloud solutions? And what is the application focus of cloud technology in logistics? The current AXIT study on the use of this modern IT solution makes the trends and relations of cloud computing clear. It gives important impulses for companies which already deal with the opportunities of the technology or are ready to make the jump into the cloud. And it demonstrates in which areas of logistics cloud-based IT solutions are mostly being used.

Advantages Cloud Logistics

Logistics 4.0

Already in 2012 AXIT has conducted a survey on the central questions of cloud computing in logistics together with the Institute for Cloud Computing (IfCC). Therefore the current study also gives you comparisons to the current development.