Best Practice Bacodelabel - AXIT - AX4 die Logistikplattform

Barcode Label Printing

  • No programming cost for the shippers local systems
  • Target-Actual comparison by the scan at the ramp

In the process between logistic service providers and the customers the creation of barcode labels for shipments can be a coordination intenstive IT-project. Where do the labels come from? What ensures that the right information are contained? How can the creation of the barcode label be smoothly integrated into the shipping process? This Best Practice describes a special form of the integration of the barcode label print into the shipping process through the driver.

Barcode E


Easy and fast creation of the barcode label.

Easy integration of barcode label print into the shipping forwarding process.

No programming cost for shipper in his local systems.

Easy maintenance, fewer errors.

AX4 Module Box

The AX4 module tool kit offers a base for configurating solutions easily for customers. For this, the flexible modules can be combined with each other and assigned to the matching AX4 customer solution.

Automotive 1
Automotive 2
Construction Site Logistics
Logistic Centers

00 AX4 E

01 Shippers e

02 LSP e

09 Baustellenlogistik e

04 Procurement e

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06 Automotive 1 e

06 Automotive 2 e

08 Barcode e

07 Chemical e

10 Logistikzentren e