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Chemical Logistics Goes Digital

Digital revolution forms new bonds in the chemical industry


An overwhelming majority of 86 percent of managers in the chemical industry sees the digital transformation of management processes in logistics as one of the industry’s top priorities in the modern era. That was the finding of a survey published in the run-up to the international LogiChem conference.

Our expert paper offers a detailed look at opportunities in the industry as chemical logistics goes digital. This includes a huge potential for positive change in how service partners in the supply chain collaborate.

The advantages of IT-driven supply chains are particularly acute in the sensitive area of chemical distribution logistics – a process requiring the integration of a wide range of diverse parties. Also, distribution supply chains are often global, and long transport routes across borders require a high degree of transparency.

Here you will learn what the chemical industry can gain by using state-of-the-art IT solutions to digitize the complex management processes and information flows in logistics.