Strategy & Goals - AXIT - AX4 die Logistikplattform

Strategy and Goals

„Connecting logistics“ – two words, one global strategy: We create connections in the world of logistics. A unique IT platform networks all partners involved in the supply chain and thus creates optimal prerequisites for highly-efficient logistics.

Goals which we follow:

  • Through an open, cloud-based IT platform we offer ideal conditions for cooperation and communications for logistics partners all over the world
  • We enable every network partner to manage logistics processes easily, quickly and flexibly through trendsetting, user-friendly IT solutions.
  • Our work is supported by operative excellence, professional development and a corporate culture which is open for innovation. We create values for our customers.
  • We focus on logistics providers and shippers managing a comprehensive logistics network with their business partners.


The „Connecting Logistics“ Strategy


How we reach our goals? AXIT´s „connecting logistics“ strategy describes it.


Open Platform

  • We integrate all parties involved in the supply chain through the IT platform AX4.
  • We create flexible interfaces to integrate our customers´ and partners´ services.
  • We allow our customers to create their logistics process by themselves with simple tools.  


  • AX4 is global and can thus be employed without national limitations.
  • AX4 offers global functions with local characteristics.
  • The functions and workflows support standardization of logistics processes across companies.


  • By “logistics collaboration” we understand the cooperation of all parties involved along the supply chain on company and user levels.
  • All partners in the supply chain have a common view of the delivery chains and have information and control options relevant to them at any time.
  • This form of efficient and smooth cooperation and the continuous transparency result in added value for any company.
  • We create optimal prerequisites for cross-company cooperation in the logistics chain.
  • Each party involved can integrate with the network quickly and easily through AX4. AX4 is self-explanatory and can be adapted to individual requirements very flexibly.