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AX4 Open

  • Map logistics processes independently
  • Minimize external project costs

The Best Practice "AX4 Open" provides businesses with a toolbox for creating custom IT solutions to independently manage their supply chains. AX4 Open is a platform for engineering personalized web applications, designed for logistics service providers such as shippers, who can use it to manage, modify, duplicate, and adapt existing solutions – or create entirely new solutions.

AX4 Open e


Save time: Implement projects up to 80% faster thanks to replicability, local control over customizations, and fewer communications interfaces.

Boost quality: Use online configuration to eliminate any misunderstandings about the solution to be implemented.

Simplify rollout: Create new participants in mere minutes.

Accelerate ROI: IT projects pay for themselves in just a few months.

Minimize risks: Enhance the speed, flexibility, and agility of your IT projects.

By the numbers:

-        Setting up a new online participant: 5 minutes

-       Modifying a field: 1 minute

-        Creating a new solution: 2 days to 3 weeks.

AX4 Module Box

The AX4 module tool kit offers a base for configurating solutions easily for customers. For this, the flexible modules can be combined with each other and assigned to the matching AX4 customer solution.

Automotive 1
Automotive 2
Construction Site Logistics
Logistic Centers

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04 Procurement e

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06 Automotive 2 e

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