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Managing Supply Chain Risks: The Role of Digitalization and Cloud Technology

“There is a lot of risk in supply chain. And managing effectively is the key to making sure that things run as smoothly as you possibly can.” This statement was given by Phil Lavin, Development Consultant IT at Siemens Postal Parcel & Airport Logistics in an interview with Adrian Gonzales on talking logistics.

InterviewTalkingLogistics Phil

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Get started: A Case Study in Project Logistics

Almost by definition every project is different – different suppliers, different locations, various materials and product flows. Managing this diversity of requirements and this ever-changing landscape is one of the challenges and obviously technology plays a key role here.

A recent interview on talking logistics points out the importance of flexibility and agility in supply chain management. Gabriele Hennecke, Head of Logistics Execution and IT at Siemens Energy Management, shares some advices and insights to succeed in project logistics where collaboration between a huge number of stakeholders is vital.

InterviewTalkingLogistics Gaby 1000

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IT in the Age of Supply Chain Complexity: Important Attributes for Success

In an interview with Adrian Gonzalez from talking logistics: Artur Zgoda, Director of Supply Chain IT Solutions, Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics LLC.


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Best Practices

From Trend to Reality: A Roadmap for Digital Supply Chain Benefits

In an interview with Adrian Gonzalez from talking logistics, Frauke Heistermann points out what’s new on this digital transformation of supply chains and which challenges come along with that. 


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„Same Day Production & Delivery“

Fully automated communication between production and logistics opens up new horizons

FraukeHeistermann 150  

"The only way to illustrate the benefits of digitalization is to make them tangible and simply give new ideas a try.“

Frauke Heistermann, AXIT Co-Founder


Manufacturing replacement parts and shipping them out to the customer the very same day could soon become the industry standard. Same-day production and delivery is possible if communications between production and logistics is fully automated. This was illustrated in a first-of-its-kind live demo conducted by Deutsche Post DHL in partnership with AXIT and evosoft – IT companies that are part of the Siemens family – along with Siemens Mobility, Intelligent Traffic Systems.

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Optimized processes

for rail transports - with AX4 Rail

More and more companies favour resource- and environment-friendly transport – e.g. by rail. AX4 Rail is a solution tuned to the specific requirements of companies which ship by rail, logistics providers and rail operators. Especially tracking and tracing of individual carriages is a special challenge in optimizing logistical processes. AX4 Rail gives you reliable planning on the progress of the shipped goods and a comprehensive overview on the entire transport process. The continuous transparency improves your controlling options, simplifies management of the transport chain and further leads to an improved carriage dispatch.

Follow us to selected practical examples for the use of our SCM software in rail transports.

Seamless management of global supply chains

with AX4 Textile.

Due to their globally networked production systems the textile industry is dependent on flexible logistics solutions like hardly any other sector. AX4 Textile is a solution tuned to the industry´s specific requirements. Textile companies integrate manufacturers, external manufacturers, refiners, forwarders and other partners with their logistical processes. The globally available solution AX4 Textile ensures the necessary control and transparency of complex processes – from the transmission of orders to pick up, container shipping and up to delivery.

Follow us to selected practical examples from the textile industry.

Profitable chemical logistics

Networked with AX4 Chemical.

AX4 Chemical is a solution tuned to the chemical industry´s specific requirements. AX4 Chemical offers a central, cross-company platform for the exchange of shipment, tracking and billing data to both manufacturers and logistics providers. Leading chemical concerns use the central IT logistics platform to communicate with over 400 logistics providers specializing in this industry. Due to the global use of the module all parties involved profit from a daily growing network.

Follow us to selected practical examples for the use of our SCM software in the chemical industry.

Automotive procurement logistics

just-in-time with AX4 Automotive

The automotive industry is a just-in-time sector with globally networked production processes. It depends on exact and highly-flexible logistics. AX4 Automotive is an SCM solution tuned to the automotive industry´s special requirements. OEMs, suppliers and logistics providers optimize logistical processes through the central IT logistics platform AX4. A holistic integration of suppliers and logistics providers leads to increased speed and transparency in the entire handling of delivery call-offs.

Follow us to selected practical examples for the use of our SCM software in the automotive industry.







Analytics - Analyzing and Visualizing Your Data

Build the foundation for optimized performance: with the Analytics Portfolio from AXIT


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